VOSH North Carolina is dedicated to providing vision care to underdeveloped countries around the world. Our team of eye doctors, opticians, and volunteers travels to impoverished areas across the world and provides eye exams, glasses, and medications. Our goal is simple: eliminate preventable blindness and support access to eye care for those who cannot afford it.


We need your support. VOSH NC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, humanitarian organization that is solely supported by donations and support from those who share our objective in improving visual well-being.


VOSH North Carolina

Founded in 2010, VOSH NC is the North Carolina Chapter of VOSH International. VOSH International was established in 1971 and is dedicated to providing eye and vision care services for those who are below poverty level and without access to local eye care.


VOSH NC is one of 33 regional chapters and 29 student chapters throughout the world. In 2001, VOSH International joined with the World Health Organization to create Vision 2020, an effort to eliminate world blindness by the year 2020. Visit http://www.vision2020.org to learn more.